A sample page from the Companion Bible

        A sample page from the Companion Bible by E.W. Bullinger {Gen 1:1-8}.  Please be patient for it to load (about a minute on 56k), it is a large image at 400 dbi, we did this so you can read it clearly and fully observe the unique format of this King James version Bible before purchasing the book.

        The words of the Scripture are in the left-hand column.  At the right is Bullinger's explanations.  The words in the Scripture that have a little circle next to them (degree symbol) are explained in the column at right, look for them under the verse number at right.  Below is a description of this Bible from our study-aids section for you to read while the image posts:

Companion Bible (Large print edition): (Highly Recommended!) The text of the King James Bible (New size, same printing plates, same content as the regular size version). This is a larger print version of the original. The same printing plates were used and the text is identical except that it is larger and easier on the eyes. Here is an invaluable reference Bible for access to vast amounts of collateral historical information. It was put together by E. W. Bullinger in the late 1800's. It contains the text of the King James Bible with a right hand column packed full of tidbits of information seldom found anywhere else. It also has 198 appendixes that are full of "must read" information. The parallel column in the Old Testament contain notes taken from the Massorah (compiled by Ginsburg, but written during the time of Ezra and Nehemiah) that are pertinent to the understanding of the Scripture. At this time the Companion Bible is the only source for the English reader of the Massoretic text. This work will help you to discover what, "Thus saith the Lord" and why. (Approx. $65)